Mastercard is proud to be the official payment partner of the Australian Open 2019. This partnership enables us to connect people to Priceless® possibilities, delivering unforgettable experiences anchored to nine consumer passions – sports, entertainment, music, travel, art and culture, culinary and dining, philanthropy, shopping and the environment.

Tennis is a unique sport that has the ability to bond even the unlikeliest of players and that’s not just because it has the word love in it. Tennis can be played by anyone from age eight to 80. The game evolves just as the players and skills do, which means it’s not just for the head down, headphones in, fitness-types. That‘s why we believe that what’s really priceless about tennis isn’t hitting the ball over the net, but the friendships and connections you walk away with.

So in our third year of sponsoring the Australian Open, Mastercard is inviting everyone pick up a racquet and start a rally today! Because a great rally brings people together, fans to their feet, and players to their knees.

Come down to the Mastercard Beach Tennis Court to start your own rally. Across the two weeks,  participating players will be given three minutes to top the leaderboard with the longest rally, in order to win a Mastercard ‘Golden Ticket’.

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