Petra Kvitova QF interview

  • def Ashleigh Barty 6-1 6-4

Q. On court you almost got a bit emotional talking to Jim. How did you feel at that moment? What does it mean to you to be back at this stage of a tournament?
PETRA KVITOVA: Yeah, I thought that question will come.

Actually, it was kind of a mix of emotions of everything I've been through. You know, sometimes I'm not really recognizing anything from the past. But when Jim asked that, it wasn't really easy for me to kind of see myself being in a semifinal after everything.

I always wanted to come back and play on the highest level I can, compete with the best, play the Grand Slams, actually be very deep in the Grand Slam, which is happening. Yeah, it just took me a bit to the tears, but it was happy tears, for sure.

Q. Obviously not your first time in a Grand Slam semifinal, but your first time for a while. Does it feel different because of everything that's happened?
PETRA KVITOVA: It is, for sure. I'm calling it as my second career. So it's the first semifinal of the second career. But, yeah, it's took me while, for sure. I never really played so well on the Grand Slams, so I'm happy this time it's different. I'm really enjoying it.

Yeah, the tournament is still not over yet, so... That's how it is.

Q. I remember when you lost at Wimbledon last year, you said you were very nervous. You joked afterwards that maybe you'll have to skip Grand Slam tournaments in future. You didn't look at all nervous today. I wonder, what have you tried to do to fight that?
PETRA KVITOVA: I was nervous today, for sure. I knew it will be tough one. We played in Sydney. I knew it will be, like, big fight because Sydney was big, big fight about the title.

I was nervous during this tournament, as well, especially the first round, and actually the last round when I played Anisimova, as well. There are matches when I am nervous, but I can't really do anything with that. I just need to have a good warmup to kind of stress it out and play from the first point, which I did today, as well. That was important. I felt more relaxed afterwards.

Q. Have you worked out a specific way to cope with it when you get nervous?
PETRA KVITOVA: I'm trying everything, which I told you in Wimbledon maybe I going to skip them. Luckily I didn't.

I did better in US Open, so I'm getting better since Wimbledon. We'll see how the Wimbledon will look like this year. But, yeah, I'm trying what I can. Actually I played pretty long in Sydney, which in the beginning of the season I didn't want to.

But the program is changing every day, the tennis. We need to be ready for everything. I'm glad that my body is still together. I'm not really falling apart. It's really important. Yeah, trying to do what I can.

Q. Things can still change, but right now you're the provisional world No. 1. What would it mean to you after everything to get to the top spot?
PETRA KVITOVA: Well, I think you know me, guys. I'm not really looking to the ranking. Actually that's the first time what I'm hearing this. I don't really care, to be honest.

I'm in the tournament, in a slam. I don't think there's any room here to think about it (pointing to head). In the next match, playing Danielle in the semifinal. That's what matter right now.

Q. You haven't always had your best results at the Australian Open. What's different this time around?
PETRA KVITOVA: I think it's about the confidence little bit, for sure. It's about the off-season, of the preparation, which I really had tough one before this season. I had it two years ago as well, but I got sick when I came to Brisbane. It was a little bit difficult for me physically to get back what I wanted to be. That's probably what is the difference.

I think I didn't really play great in Brisbane. I was kind of finding my game, which I think I played better against Kontaveit, even I lost. But I think I find something inside me, that game which I played, even I missed, it's the game I wanted to play and make those points and matches.

I continued in Sydney, which I think it's gave me confidence to know this game is what it's really working.

Q. Having had the experience that you've had, because of that missing out on tennis for a while, does it give you the perspective to be able to put sport and the trials and tribulations of matches and games into place somewhere?
PETRA KVITOVA: I think I did. I think that year I didn't play here, I was watching TV when other players played. It wasn't really great feelings, to be honest. I really missed that a lot.

I think I'm seeing life little bit differently compared to before. I know it's just the sport, it's just the tennis. Always when you doing something, you want to do best. Of course, losing, it hurts a lot because you are doing everything for it.

On the other hand, like the day after, or me, I'm always looking back and see what I been done and what I achieved from the time. It's always both sides. But in the end, always the life win.

Q. Today Ash said in her press she thought you were impressive, that you came out on fire. What do you think was really key for you to be able to come out so strong?
PETRA KVITOVA: Ash is great in a way. She's a great person and great player, as she showed. I think it's not really easy to play quarterfinal of the slams at home. I know the pressure when I'm playing home, as well. It's not easy.

She really played unbelievable tennis today, as well. I mean, her slice was two centimeters under the net. It was really incredible what she been through whole tournament.

Yeah, I'm a bit sorry for her that I beat her. But that's the tennis, unfortunately.

Q. You've always said your tennis is quite up and down, high highs and sometimes not consistent. Last year you won many matches in a row. This year you started by winning 10 in a row. Do you feel consistent?
PETRA KVITOVA: I think I do, yeah. I think that's the way we been trying to improve, that consistent way. I wasn't really consistent in the Grand Slams, to be honest. But it's better something than nothing (smiling).

Yeah, actually I think I'm starting to really like those streak wins since last year. It's still 10?

Q. Yes.
PETRA KVITOVA: Okay. I need to do little bit better (smiling).

We'll see. That's kind of the first type of my game, to be more consistent, to be not really losing in the first rounds. It's happened, for sure, which that's the tennis, as we said, up and down. But I'm glad that this is working.

If my game, it's not really working, I do kind of have B plan, which I'm trying to use if I'm not really feeling the best.