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Kyle Edmund 25-01-18 interview

25 Jan 18
Match highlights from the mens semifinals where Marin Čilić defeated Kyle Edmund at Australian Open 2018.

Marin Cilic def. Kyle Edmund match highlights (SF)


Q. What's your overriding emotion at the moment?
KYLE EDMUND: Well, obviously just disappointed I lost, but yeah, I mean, it's been a really good couple of weeks for me. Just got the experience of going deep in a slam for the first time and all the stuff that comes with it. Playing a couple matches on Rod Laver.

Yeah, obviously disappointed right now, but can be very happy with the way I've gone about things. Played a lot of tough matches. Won some tough matches. Beat good players.

Yeah, this type of tournament just gives you the bug to want more. You know, once you get a taste, it's like, yeah, I want more of this. Definitely go away from the whole week feeling positive.

Q. I know you don't want to use it as an excuse, but was there a bit of an injury issue out there? You had a medical timeout.
KYLE EDMUND: Yeah, there's something, but whatever. It's unfortunate it happens. I'm definitely disappointed about it, but yeah, it's one of those things where, you know, I have to look at the whole week. Making semifinals of a Grand Slam is definitely something that I can be very happy with and really take that forward, yeah, just take that forward with me and build from it, for sure. I mean, take belief and confidence from it, basically.

Q. It's early days, I know, but does that injury endanger the Davis Cup at all?
KYLE EDMUND: Yeah, well, we'll see, won't we? It's tough to know, really. But obviously want to play. The plan is always to play.

So, yeah, take it day by day and see what happens, basically.

Q. Can you tell us if it's something you brought in with you or something that happened on the court?
KYLE EDMUND: I don't know. It's irrelevant. It's just this tournament I have been really happy with the way I have been playing.

But, yeah, I mean, tennis players are always dealing with stuff. That's just the nature of the sport, any sport, really.

Q. To what extent is the first time that you felt that you belonged with the very, very, very big boys at the very top of tennis?
KYLE EDMUND: Well, of course, like, reaching fourth round of the US Open a few years ago. I beat quality players there, Gasquet and John and stuff. I know I can beat those players. It's just obviously doing it a bit more consistently.

You know, people say the players are good, and their rankings, it's not necessarily -- their level is good and other players can beat them, because their level is good, as well, but what they do so good is they can play like that consistently. That's what the ranking represents is how consistently players are.

So, yeah, that's the goal. I think for me, I know that, so the more consistently you can play at a high level, that's where you're going to get top ranking and results.

I have known I have had a good game. It's just putting it together more often.

Q. Is there anything, looking back at this 11 days, any quirky memories or anything that will stick with you from the whole experience?
KYLE EDMUND: Not quirky but just the whole experience, you know. It's been so good. It's the experience to be here. One of the biggest tournaments of the world, and making a good run and beating top players.

Yeah, I have also played some long matches. You know, there's nothing better than winning best-of-five-set matches in tennis tournaments. You know, best-of-five sets should always stay in the men's game. It's a true test of quality and grit and stuff. You know, it's a battle.

It really always feels better when, you know, you win these matches at the Grand Slams. It's a test of so many things like endurance, mental, physical and stuff.

Yeah, to be able to win five matches like I have done, it's really pleasing.

Q. Fidde told us you're not going to buy a Ferrari with your winnings. Is he right?
KYLE EDMUND: Yeah (smiling), because -- yeah. Because I'm -- yeah, I have a Jaguar deal, so I can't... (Laughter.)

Q. You don't think you'll buy yourself anything?
KYLE EDMUND: It's not like I'm going to go and spend that, but just, you know, you continue doing what you're doing, like invest in your career and stuff. Yeah, yeah. Just sort of whatever you put in the bank and carry on and -- yeah, there's nothing -- I mean, it's obviously a nice chunk of money, but there's nothing I need.

I have stuff in place, so I'm very happy with what I have around me. So just continue to, I guess, invest and all that stuff.

Q. On the match today, how important was that first game?
KYLE EDMUND: I don't know. I mean, yeah, I don't know. The first game is a first game. It's a game that gets you into the match.

I don't really know. I came out feeling good and aggressive and stuff. It was good to just -- it's hard to answer that in hindsight what would have happened. It's difficult.

Q. How difficult was it to deal with Cilic's serve tonight? He seemed to be serving very well.
KYLE EDMUND: Yeah, he always serves very well, to be honest. He's got a very good serve, disguised very well. Hits his spots good. Got good power, and he's a tall guy so you expect guys like that to serve well.

Yeah, I mean, Anderson's got a very good serve, and it's not like I haven't played big servers. It's just all about managing and picking moments and reading ball tosses and stuff. It's like a mini battle, the serve and return.

Q. Do you think you were able to match his firepower or were you just a little bit below that tonight?
KYLE EDMUND: Yeah, tonight I was below my standard and wish I could have played a lot better, but, yeah, it is what it is basically. There's always, like, things I would like to do better, but it's not always possible every day on the night and stuff.

Yeah, the overriding emotion is just take away all the positives, really. Every tournament there's stuff to work on. If you lose first round or win the tournament, there's always stuff to work on. For me to make my first semifinals is definitely a positive.

Q. Is there anything that surprised you about the whole experience?
KYLE EDMUND: Not really. The most surprising thing is the stuff off the court, like my dad's got three more jobs than I knew he had, like reading, and, like, my first hobby was swimming and, like, my first love was swimming, which I never knew. (Laughter.)

Yeah, there's lots of stuff like that which I was surprised about. I don't know.

Q. So you have been reading stuff?
KYLE EDMUND: No, my dad told me. He said I had three more jobs I didn't know I had.

But anyway, I mean, obviously from this it's maybe just more sort of attention in that way that I guess comes with doing well and people get, you know, excited in supporting you. That's been really pleasing for me to see that, but I have not been surprised at the way I have played, because I always believe in the way I played, but it's just obviously really pleasing that I have been able to produce at a big tournament.

Q. Have you enjoyed the attention?
KYLE EDMUND: Yeah, it comes with it. I mean, of course I slightly feel people overreact and stuff. You know, like, was it King Edmund VI, like, I mean -- yeah, it is what it is basically. The attention comes with, yeah, the territory of doing well. That's what happens.

If you embrace it, I think you cope with it better. So, yeah, I mean, it's important to realize that I probably don't get as much now as a lot of other people will get, so you have to realize there's always someone else dealing with a lot more. And, you know, the top guys like Roger and that, they have been doing it their whole life. They crack on and embrace it. It's good to learn from them.

Q. Did you have a particular goal when you started the year? I was wondering if you've already surpassed it with what you have done here.
KYLE EDMUND: The goal was definitely the O2 last year, and the year before that finish similar ranking, last year a couple spots lower. I got on naturally, and the ranking system is to go up. I didn't want a third year of being around that same ranking.

You know, I know my ability was better, but you have to -- there's no point just saying you can be better. That was a goal. Of course doing well in the bigger events, and like I'll probably -- you know, I've said it a few times. I wanted to win a lot more closer matches.

Start of the year has been really good for that, so, you know, a lot of learning I have taken away and confidence from that. So definitely in the short term and stuff that we have talked about is improving, but right now tennis is so -- it doesn't stop. Players get hungry from losing. Next week is another tournament and the week after that. It's important to keep the ball rolling, you know. Cliché.

Q. It's unusual to see you so animated when you had that dispute with the chair and the referee. From your point of view, what was going on there?
KYLE EDMUND: Yeah, I mean, I wouldn't say I was animated. I was just making my point clear. I don't know if you ever saw the match I played Dimitrov in Washington. It was a similar situation.

Yeah, I mean, it's one point. It doesn't decide the match. Obviously just I didn't agree with what the decision was, and, yeah, the decision or what the explanation he gave me, but the nature is he's the umpire. It's his decision. I have to deal with that and, yeah, move on. I have said my say. Made my point, and that was it.

Q. A lot of good players have come through Beverly Hills and California. What is Beverley like in Yorkshire and what's it like playing tennis there?
KYLE EDMUND: It's not Beverly Hills. What is Beverley like, did you say?

Q. Yes.
KYLE EDMUND: It's a small town. It's quite a big town, actually, in East Riding, Yorkshire. Yeah, I have obviously grown up there. I went to school outside Beverley for a number of years. Then I went to Beverley Grammar School. I know the area very well. I have lots of friends from there. I always like going home and seeing family there. That's where I grew up.

Yeah, it's nice and peaceful, very green compared to the city in London. And, yeah, it's always good going there because you have lots of support there and people. It's your home grounds of people. Always interested when you're doing well and stuff.

Q. What are you looking most forward to doing when you get home?
KYLE EDMUND: Yeah, obviously quite a quick turnaround with -- takes a day to get home and it takes however long just to get your bearings through the travel and the jet lag. So, yeah, I mean, I go back to London and see where I'm at with my body.

Obviously it's a different surface, so you have to start training on the clay. And then, yeah, obviously Monday you're going to be out in Spain training, getting used to the conditions and all that.

What's tomorrow? Friday. Get back Saturday. Yeah, obviously all very quick. It's a good problem to have, because I have done well here.

Q. What would you put your chances at of playing the Davis Cup?
KYLE EDMUND: I'll do everything I can to play, because I want to play. I want to be there with the team.

But yeah, there is no point going on court if I'm not ready, because you hinder the team, as well. You basically give up a rubber if you're not ready. I don't know percentage-wise what the chances are, but if I'm not ready, I'll say, because you want to give the opportunity to other players that are there to play. But if I'm ready to play, I'll play. I'll do what I can to.