Daria Gavrilova 1R interview

  • lost to Tamara Zidansek 5-7 3-6

Q. A little bit disappointing today. Where do you think it fell apart?
DARIA GAVRILOVA: Probably after first set, I went away. Yeah, I just went away. Probably started just overplaying and made a lot of errors. Yeah, there was a lot, like, happening in my head.

Q. What do you mean by that?
DARIA GAVRILOVA: Uhm, well, probably was not confident with where I was at with obviously the previous tournaments. Yeah, had to have a couple days off because of a few niggles that I've had. Yeah, I was just probably overthinking things and just, yeah, not being confident at all.

Q. Previously you said last season was one of the toughest you've had. What sort of changes do you think you need to make to really find that form again?
DARIA GAVRILOVA: Yeah, that's tough. If I knew – if there was some magic to it, I'd probably use it, a magic pill. But, yeah, I think for me, like, getting my body right and being confident with my health – not my health, but, yeah, like a few niggles, that would help for sure.

Q. What sort of feedback are you getting from your coaches the past month especially?
DARIA GAVRILOVA: Well, like today after the match, we spoke with my team a little bit. I mean, I felt like I wasn't playing that well. But to be fair, like, I had that many breakpoints that just didn't go my way. I think it's a lot to do with how I am applying myself, like, mentally. I sometimes just went for too much. Sometimes I was just not doing enough.

Q. When you start to get down on yourself like that, do you have any techniques to pull yourself up?
DARIA GAVRILOVA: No. Sometimes what helps me is when I just get in the zone. Doesn't matter what you do, just play tough every point. When you're negative, it's pretty hard to get in that zone. Yeah, like, I'm really trying. I think it gets even more frustrating that you can't get to the, yeah, balance with the game and with how you feel with probably nerves and stuff like that.

Q. Have the doctors or physios said how long these niggles might be bothering you for?
DARIA GAVRILOVA: I just have to manage it. Like it doesn't need surgery or anything. I just have to, yeah, manage it. Like, it's all new for me, so I just have to learn to play with pain. I mean, there's a lot of players that go through this.