Latest Rule Changes

Tournament info

The Grand Slam Board (“GSB”) is responsible for the coordination and management of activities of mutual interest to the four Grand Slam tournaments. These activities include: Grand Slam Tournament Rules, Regulations and Code of Conduct, Officiating, Tournament Calendars and relationships with governing bodies and third parties.

Some recent significant changes to the Grand Slam Rules are as follows:

  • Shot Clock: Time between serves was increased from 20 seconds to 25 seconds at Grand Slam events from 2018 and is expected to be monitored strictly via a shot clock. 
  • Adhering to professional standards: Any player who withdraws or performs below professional standards during a first-round singles match at a Grand Slam tournament could be fined.
  • Lucky Losers: Any Main Draw singles player who is unfit to play and withdraws before the draw will receive 50 per cent of the first-round prize money, while the replacement ‘lucky loser’ will receive the remaining 50 per cent. 
  • Seedings: In 2017, the Grand Slam Board signalled their intention to limit the amount of seeds to 16 instead of 32 in 2019. This rule change however was deemed unnecessary, and 2019 Grand Slams will proceed with 32 seeds.