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Yonex brings precision stringing to the Australian Open

Yonex  is excited to serve as the Official Stringer of the Australian Open for the eighth consecutive year. The global team works tirelessly and meticulously to prepare all players’ racquets for each match. Last year, the Yonex Stringing Team strung a record-breaking 7,388 restrings during the Summer of Tennis. Their quality and speed are built on the team’s extensive experience, which includes stringing at the Beijing, London, Rio, and Tokyo Olympics, as well as the Tokyo Paralympics, along with a great number of other events around the world.


Each technician on the team is devoted to providing top-level stringing to support the world’s best, working from the early hours of the morning to late at night. Often media does not place a lot of focus, but tournament stringers are some of the unsung heroes behind the Australian Open. Be sure to visit the AO Shop to see some of the stringers in action as part of the Happy Slam.