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Tennis at the Australian Open isn’t just a game. It’s an experience shaped by breathtaking action on court and unforgettable passion beyond the court. And to amplify this experience, Infosys and Tennis Australia have joined hands — to transform the Australian Open into one of the most technologically advanced sporting events in the world.

As Digital Innovation Partner for Tennis Australia, Infosys brings a global technology outlook to the sport. With a team of 200,000 across 45 countries, we are navigating the next for over 1,200 leading global organisations. And we are here to navigate what’s next for tennis.     

We are excited to create the next way to play, see, train and engage for players and fans of the Australian Open. From experiencing tennis in a new virtual dimension to experiencing the new way to play with data and artificial intelligence, what’s next is a digital sport for a digital world. Get ready to experience the next, now.

Visit to experience the future of tennis.