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Rod Laver

Hall of Fame

Inducted into the Australian Tennis Hall of Fame in January 1993; inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame in 1981; Sport Australia Hall of Fame Legend.

Dubbed 'Rocket' Rod Laver by then Davis Cup captain Harry Hopman, Laver was the second man to complete the Grand Slam in 1962 after American Don Budge first won all four majors in a season. In 1969, Rocket became the only person to win the Grand Slam twice.

A powerful left-hander who sent the ball hurtling over the net laden with topspin, Laver was a driven competitor whose attacking play won him many titles. He dominated the 1960s, winning 17 of his 20 titles in this decade. During this period he became the first player to make $1 million in prize money.

Laver racked up a formidable 20-4 win-loss record in Davis Cup ties and was part of five winning teams during his career.

In January 2000, centre court at Melbourne Park was named Rod Laver Arena in honour of Laver's achievements and in 2017, the first Laver Cup competition - a men's competition pitting the best of Europe against the best team from The World - was staged in Prague. The event was driven by Roger Federer to honour Rod Laver's legacy.