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Rebel Wilson and community heroes call the lines at AO 2022


The voice of Hollywood superstar and self-described ‘tennis tragic’ Rebel Wilson, along with seven community champions, have been calling the lines during matches at Australian Open 2022.

In the second year of the AO’s Behind the Line initiative, this year’s line-callers include hard-working members of Australia’s grassroots tennis community, an LGBTQI+ ambassador, a trail-blazing chef, along with actress, producer and activist Wilson.

Each has pre-recorded calls of ‘out’, ‘fault’ and ‘foot fault’ that have been used in the officiating of all matches during the tournament. 

The voices behind this year’s Electronic Line Calling are:

  • Inspirational tennis coach Megan Henry, who travels to far-flung regions across rural Western Australia to encourage women and girls to get involved in tennis
  • Kyah Jones, proud Aboriginal woman from the Yuin Nation on the South Coast of NSW, who create opportunities for young Indigenous children across Australia through her work with the Evonne Goolagong Foundation
  • Glam Slam Tournament Director Rowen D’Souza, a champion of diversity and inclusion and organiser of the world’s only LGBTIQ+ tournament staged at a Grand Slam event
  • Victorian volunteer Liz Tektonopoulos, a driving force in redeveloping the Greenvale Tennis Club and providing more tennis opportunities to the local community
  • Newcombe Medal, Australian Tennis Awards Tennis Senior of the Year Glen Busby, ranked No.1 in the 60+ and 65+ categories, who has served as captain on eight of the 15 occasions he has represented Australia
  • Tennis coach Domenic Marafiote, who works tirelessly to attract new members and provide social and competitive playing opportunities to South Australia’s East Torrens Kensington Tennis Club
  • Owner and Executive Chef of Mabu Mabu, Nornie Bero, whose Indigenous produce and flavours are being showcased at the AO this year. Originally from Mer Island in the Torres Strait, Bero has pioneered the use of First Nations ingredients for 20 years
  • Sydney-born writer, producer, actor, singer and former tennis coach Rebel Wilson.

“The Behind the Line project is a unique way to showcase just some of the community heroes of our sport as part of the Electronic Line Calling,” Tennis Australia Chief Tennis Officer Tom Larner said.

“This year we’re recognising some quiet achievers who work tirelessly behind the scenes, delivering our great game to diverse communities Australia-wide. Alongside our community heroes we’re delighted to include Rebel Wilson as a long-time tennis fan and friend of the AO, and to recognise Nornie Bero who has created some delicious dishes for the AO this year.”