Player DNA: Roger Federer, striking a balance

  • Game Insight Group

A six-time Australian Open champion and 20-time Grand Slam winner, Roger Federer’s colossal career achievements speak for themselves, but what makes the Swiss such an extraordinary player?

Game Insight Group (GIG) takes a closer look at the world No.3’s Player DNA to determine the key attributes that see him succeed on the biggest stage time and time again.

GIG’s Player DNA is combination of four key areas: Technical, Tactical, Physical and Mental. GIG breaks down the major findings within each metric to illustrate the strength of a player’s attributes relative to their competitors. Ratings are given up to a maximum score of 100.

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The most technically sound player on tour
The ‘Technical’ metric focuses on a player’s speed, reliability, accuracy, placement and potency on a variety of shots, and Federer rates No.1 in the men’s game with an overall score of 96. His potency on both first and second serve (ability to win points with those shots) is a remarkable 92, despite lower than elite speed ratings, while his forehand ranks No.3 overall.

Attacking balance key to tactical success
Federer ranks No.2 behind Rafael Nadal in overall ‘Tactical’ DNA score, and it’s his ability to weigh up risk vs reward when looking to attack, as well as his ability to withstand opponents in long rallies that make him so impactful. The Swiss scores an almost perfect 98 for Attacking Balance and wins 7% more rally exchanges than the average player against the same opponent.

Number 1 for agility among all players
While his overall ‘Physical’ score of 82 appears relatively underwhelming, dig a little deeper and there are more clues to his greatness. His Foot Speed and Acceleration keep the score down, perhaps not surprisingly for a 37-year-old, but Federer ranks No.1 for Agility, No.6 for Repeated Sprints and No.9 for Match Endurance. Against top-10 players, he won 12% more points than the average Grand Slam player when performing multiple quick changes.

Federer’s greatest strength is his mind
If you win as often - and for as long - as Federer has, it’s pretty clear that you can hold your nerve when it counts. Of the four components that comprise a player’s ‘Mental’ DNA, Federer ranks No.1 for Killer Instinct, No.2 for Clutch and No.2 for Winning Edge (he ranks No.5 in the Grit component). Additionally, Federer knows when to put the final nail in the coffin, boasting a pressure win rate of 51% compared to the average rate of 45%.

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