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Australian Open prize money hits record high


The world’s best tennis players will be competing for more than AUD $100 million prize money this summer.

The historic-high prize pool is a result of a record $76.5m for the Australian Open 2023 (a 3.4 per cent increase) as well as the addition of the lucrative new United Cup event.

“It is critical to the continued success of the Australian tennis summer that we provide strong and relevant playing opportunities and ensure that the best players in the world are compensated appropriately. We want to ensure Australia is the launchpad for the global season and that we see as much of them as possible. They inspire us all to engage in this great sport as well as inspiring future generations,” Australian Open Tournament Director Craig Tiley said.

“We are delighted to have more than $100 million in prize money on offer across the Australian summer, along with more chances to compete across the country. We’ve worked tirelessly alongside the ATP and WTA to launch the exciting new United Cup, which includes its own significant ranking points and prize money, a further two WTA and ATP events in Adelaide, the Hobart International and an upgraded ATP 100 Challenger in Canberra. 

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“At the Australian Open we’ve upped prize money for every round from qualifying, through to the finals, with the major increases in the early rounds, where these substantial rewards help players invest in their own careers and in many cases, set themselves up for success throughout the year.” 

Creating new benefits, services, spaces and experiences for the players is also a priority at the AO, ensuring there are lots of happy moments at the ‘Happy Slam’. 

Just some of the initiatives for players at AO 2023 include: 

  • Player Recharge Zone with performance focused nutrition bar and mindfulness activities
  • Enhanced Player Performance Spaces including three gyms, additional preparation/recovery space with ambient temperature, a new player stretch area and outdoor stretch area
  • Six themed restaurants/cafes spread across two floors of the dedicated Player Pod - Gourmet Italian, Japanese, Asian Stir Fry, Super Green Salad and Grill, and a Deli/Sandwich Bar, along with the fab coffee Melbourne is renowned for
  • Two new cafes at the National Tennis Centre, a great spot for training and recovery on non-match days
  • Foot Fault is a Grand Slam first – a brand new player foot care service with specialists offering private consultations, treatment for foot problems and education on ongoing foot care throughout the tournament
  • Specialist Medical Clinics for players pre-tournament, including podiatrist, dermatologist, shoulder and tendon specialists and recovery specialists
  • Additional Player Quiet Rooms
  • Five free restrings per round
  • Match analysis data available for all players
  • Player Gifting experience with a focus on sustainability
  • Player Beauty Bar, hairdressing, beautician services, nail bar, etc
  • Player Barber
  • Childcare and Parent Room

Enhancing the experience for players competing in the AO Junior Championships is another focus for 2023, with a range of initiatives designed to welcome them into the Grand Slam family, including a $500 travel grants for all competitors.

Australian Open 2023 prize money fast facts
  • Australian Open total prize pool of $76.5 million, up 3.4 per cent on 2022
  • Singles, doubles and qualifying increase by 3.2 per cent 
  • Prize money increases in every round 
  • First round qualifiers – $26,000 (up 3 percent)
  • First round doubles teams – $30,975 (up 3.1 percent)
  • First round main draw singles players – $106,250 (up 3.2 percent)
  • Players reaching the second round – $158,850 (up 3.1 percent)
  • Semifinalists will earn $925,000, (up 3.4 percent)
  • Singles champions will take home $2.975 million
  • The total Australian Open prize purse is $76.5 million, up 3.4 percent on AO 2022
  • Australian Open prize money has increased by more than 321 percent, or $58.32 million, in the 20 years since 2003, when it was $18.18 million
  • Prize money has more than doubled (155 percent increase) from $30 million in 2013 (10 years)
  • Prize money has increased 283 percent since Craig Tiley became Tournament Director for AO 2007.
Australian Summer of Tennis Prize Money Fast Facts
  • Exceeds $100 million for the first time – up 10.8 per cent on 2022
  • The United Cup, an ATP-WTA event presented in partnership with Tennis Australia, offers USD $15 million in prize money as well as up to 500 Pepperstone ATP and 500 WTA rankings points.
Australian Open 2023 prize money

SINGLES - men's and women's
Per player (128 draw)

Winner $2,975,000
Runner-up $1,625,000
Semifinalists $925,000
Quarterfinalists $555,250
Round of 16 $338,250
Round of 32 $227,925
Round of 64 $158,850
First round $106,250


QUALIFYING SINGLES - men's and women's
Per player (128 draw)

Round of 32 $55,150
Round of 64 $36,575
First round $26,000


DOUBLES - men's and women's
Per team (64 draw)

Winner $695,000
Runner-up $370,000
Semifinalists $210,000
Quarterfinalists $116,500
Round of 16 $67,250
Round of 32 $46,500
First round $30,975


Per team (32 draw)

Winner $157,750
Runner-up $89,450
Semifinalists $47,500
Quarterfinalists $25,250
Round of 16 $12,650
First round $6,600