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Australian Open and Luckin Coffee announce new partnership


The Australian Open has announced a new multi-year partnership with Luckin Coffee which will become the AO’s Official Coffee Partner in China and South East Asia.

Luckin is a leading retail coffee company with over 13,000 stores across more than 300 cities in China and is now expanding into Singapore. Pioneering a technology-driven retail model, Luckin provides high quality coffee that is affordable and convenient for customers.

“We’re delighted to partner with Luckin Coffee – one of Asia’s dominant and fastest growing coffee retailers,” said Tennis Australia Chief Commercial Officer Cedric Cornelis.

“Partnering with Luckin is an important and exciting next step in executing our strategy to expand the Australian Open’s presence in China and Asia more broadly, where tennis continues to grow rapidly in popularity.

“Both Luckin Coffee and the Australian Open embrace premium playfulness in our brands, making us a great fit.”

Yang Fei, co-founder and Chief Growth Officer of Luckin Coffee, said “The sport of tennis is associated with a healthy lifestyle, and represents elegance and expertise, which is well aligned with the brand of Luckin Coffee.

“As one of the largest coffee chain brands in China, the partnership between Luckin Coffee and the Australian Open will bring great synergy as both are leading brands representing healthy, high-quality lifestyles, and will help to promote our coffee to the world.”

Luckin will benefit from virtual signage at the AO into China and South East Asia. It is also launching an AO-Luckin Coffee co-branded product in China and Singapore and will be doing giveaways during Australian Open 2024.