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AO StartUps spotlight: Stringr


The Uber of tennis racquet stringing has arrived with Stringr launching the first on demand stringing platform.  

The LA start-up is one of seven companies selected to be part of the 2023 AO StartUps mid-year portfolio.

Stringr’s new web and mobile app connects players with trusted, local stringers and allows them to schedule a pick-up/drop-off time to ensure their racquet is restored to full functionality within 24-48 hours.

Tennis Australia will pilot the Stringr platform during the upcoming Australian Pro Tour with tournament players able to conveniently book their stringing service with a single phone tap.

“Our tennis stringing service model provides convenience to players and allows independent stringers to scale their business,” said Stringr Founder Artem Stafeev.

“We created Stringr to bridge the gap between technology and the tennis world. The whole process of stringing rackets is made much simpler with Stringr.”

The start-up is helping multiple sides of the tennis industry with racquet stringers also able to find new clients, string more racquets and grow their business through adoption of the new platform. 

AO StartUps is led by Tennis Australia’s Innovation team and follows the launch of Tennis Australia’s Venture Capital fund (Wildcard Ventures) and its multi-year partnership with global accelerator powerhouse, Techstars.

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