Petra Kvitova 4R interview

  • def. Amanda Anisimova 6-2 6-1

Q. It's the first time you're in the quarters here since 2012. How does that feel? Did it feel like it's been that long since you had a good run here?
PETRA KVITOVA: Actually, it doesn't feel that long. Yeah, when I'm counting the years, it's pretty long. But, you know, sometimes the waiting time is worth for it, which it is. I'm very happy that I could be in the quarterfinals again after a while.

For sure it's great. I'm not complaining at all.

Q. What's been different this time? Why is it working for you here?
PETRA KVITOVA: You know, I think I had kind of great beginning of the year. I think I made some confidence in Sydney when I played great matches from the beginning of the tournament. I really had to fight in the final, which obviously it's great to have it before the Grand Slam to know that you can still come back even you lost the first set or you didn't play well. That's I think gave me a lot.

Since this tournament beginning I think I played what I really needed. I'm serving pretty well and I'm moving well, as well. You know, sometimes when I'm nervous, I'm quite tight and nothing really working, but this time I feel good. I'm really enjoying it to be on the court. Probably that's why.

Q. What was the difference, main difference, between when you played her in Indian Wells and when you played her today? Was it experience or confidence or fitness or just the arena?
PETRA KVITOVA: I think it was kind of different time when I played in Indian Wells. I was pretty tired from the winning streak. I played a lot of matches. The surface there is a bit slower and was bouncing pretty high. But obviously I didn't feel physically and mentally did well as I did today.

Actually I know what she's playing this time, as well. It was kind of different preparation or mindset, which I knew which she's going to play pretty aggressive from the beginning. That's what I needed to do first.

I think I did well this time.

Q. You look or you seem even fitter, fitter now than you have ever been.

Q. But did you do anything different in the off-season? What's brought that about?
PETRA KVITOVA: I don't think I did anything specific differently. I think I did kind of the same as the off-season before, which is I think the amount of the practices, of the amount of the weights, of the running. Was just a little bit more than it was before. I think it's a long-time process when we are still trying to get fitter and fitter. When you are fitter, then you want to be fitter again.

So it was kind of this time of the offseason that I could still be more fitter, but it wasn't like something really, really different.

Q. In America, we know Amanda is just 17, but very curious about her future. What are your thoughts on her future, her upside? Just how far she can go?
PETRA KVITOVA: Well, being playing like her when she's 17 is something really special, for sure. I think that in this kind of age, to reach the second week of a Grand Slam is something really great. That's something what she can build on.

She's playing very aggressive, which is I think the future of the tennis, as well. I think that she has everything to be great in the future of the women's tennis.

Q. I'd like to ask you about your potential opponents separately. Talk about Maria first. It's been a while for her since she's had a very deep run in a slam. Just wondering, how do you see where she is at the moment?
PETRA KVITOVA: Yeah, I know that, you know, since she came back, it's a bit struggling. But I always see her playing well in Grand Slams.

That's what she's showing this time here, as well. She's champion. Doesn't matter what. So I think she likes to play this kind of big tournaments, big stadiums, big players.

It will be great one anyway. If I gonna play her, it will be something really special for me facing Maria again after a while, as well. It will be interesting match.

Yeah, always looking forward for these kind of matches.

Q. If it's Ash, you just played her.

Q. In Australia, how unique would you think that situation would be and how different that it's a slam?
PETRA KVITOVA: It will be different, for sure. It will be not the final, as we played in Sydney, which was great match, very exhausted, but she is a different kind of player when she's mixing it up a bit. She's playing different serve, as well. She has the kick.

It's just different kind of player than I faced today, for example. But will be fun one. I mean, Australians, of course, will be on her side, but that was the same in Sydney. So I'm, you know, kind of used to (smiling).

Q. I think last time in the semifinals here against Maria you had a shot at the No. 1 ranking in that match and lost a very tight three-setter.
PETRA KVITOVA: I do remember, unfortunately (smiling). Thank you.

Yeah, what I can say. Nothing. I think this loss was like one of the most painful in my tennis career, which it's not really something which I wanted to repeat, for sure. I don't think that, you know, the past can repeat very similarly. So doesn't matter what happen that year. I'm just here and playing and enjoying. That's important.

Q. I don't know what the numbers are, but you seem to play a lot of matches at 11:00 in the morning at Grand Slams.
PETRA KVITOVA: Well, played some night matches as well here.

Q. But do you request ever to play early? Do you like playing that first match?
PETRA KVITOVA: Sometimes I do request, but I didn't do that this time (smiling). Obviously, like, since Sydney, I played like later matches, but not this time. So I need to say that, like, before my match, I had a quick nap, like five minutes by the physio room. Yeah, it was kind of weird to wake up at 10:30 to be ready in half an hour for my match.

But sometimes it's really important. Since I'm playing so many matches, I just need to rest. Every nap, it's very welcoming.

Q. Do you like playing that first match sometimes?
PETRA KVITOVA: Yeah, I do. Sometimes I really do. Normally I'm waking up really early, so it's nothing really bothering me to play the first match.

Q. You have won Grand Slam tennis tournaments twice at the same place, obviously, but you must know, you must get a feeling, having experienced it, how your tournament is sort of unfurling as you go. Do you have the kind of feeling now that you had when you have won a Grand Slam title?
PETRA KVITOVA: Actually, it's been a while, as well. I need to think. Actually, to be honest, I'm kind of different person, as well. I do have different mindset than I had those years when I won.

I'm just here to play every match for 100 per cent. Doesn't matter what's happen. I'm just here to enjoy the tennis, which I'm really I think doing is pretty nicely. That's really important not to be really stressed about it. Yeah, I think it's great to be in the quarterfinal, but I know how difficult it is to win a Grand Slam. So I'm not really thinking about it.

Q. Do you feel this is the best shape you have ever been in?
PETRA KVITOVA: Your opinion, or... You're asking me?

Q. Your opinion. You mentioned your fitness.
PETRA KVITOVA: Well, yeah, maybe, yeah. I think I work pretty hard on it. Then everything, it's a little bit easier, of course, with the tennis, as well, with the shots.

You know, as I said, it's a long life process to be still fitter and fitter. I'm feeling great. That's important. I'm not injured at all, which is the best I can have, yeah, I feel great.

Q. If you look at the players left in the draw, it's all very experienced players.
PETRA KVITOVA: That's true.

Q. How does it feel? Does it somehow take away some pressure off knowing that you know it's not all eyes on you? There is literally 16 players in the fourth round who could win this title? How does it feel?
PETRA KVITOVA: I think that we don't really have it for a really long time, to have such great players deeper in the tournament. It's something very nice, I think. I'm happy I'm one of them (smiling).

I don't know if it's like taking some pressure off, but, well, I saw I was facing Amanda today, and she was not really in this kind of experience player, and I think I kind of felt it inside, as well, that, you know, I should win kind of.

Well, maybe, yeah, but on the other hand we all know how tough it is and how the opponents are very dangerous and with the experience, as you said.

It's about a few points and about really focusing on every point.