Petra Kvitova 3R interview

  • def. Belinda Bencic 6-1 6-4

Q. Welcome back to the round of 16 in Melbourne.

Q. What has been different about this year, about your Melbourne campaign?
PETRA KVITOVA: Took a while, huh? What is different? I don't know. I mean, obviously I had a great off-season. I had a great preparation. I had the same, like, year before. But unfortunately I was sick in the beginning of the year.

This year I'm still healthy, which is the main thing for sure. I had great matches playing in Sydney. Even in Brisbane, I lost in the second round, but still was a good one for me.

I'm happy that I could show what I've been practicing for.

Q. Is it just a matter of confidence this year compared to years past, that you just kind of knew you were playing well once you started the tournament here?
PETRA KVITOVA: Definitely it's helping, for sure. Always you see it when the important points, the key points are there. That's about the confidence, for sure, going for the winners or for the ace or for a really good rally. I think I showed that today as well in the second set. I was break down, game was pretty tight.

Sometimes I'm kind of the player who is pretty risky. When you don't really have enough confidence, it's always like not great, so I'm happy that it's on the other side now.

Q. You're having fun out there. Are you able to enjoy it more than previous years?
PETRA KVITOVA: I do. I think I do, yeah. I'm really enjoying it. I'm happy to be here playing, of course be in the second week is something really special for me after a while.

I did not have that good beginning of the season for a very long time, so I'm really happy for that.

Q. In terms of today's win against Belinda, what did you think you were doing particularly well? Does it feel different for you right now when you're on the court in terms of that extra boost of confidence, conviction with what you're doing?
PETRA KVITOVA: Well, I knew that she is danger player, for sure. I was coming to the court knowing that. So from the first point, I was there and ready for that.

I didn't really think, like, it's easy, whatever. I really had to fought, even was kind of 6-1, but I knew that she can come back. I think the serve was particularly well today. I didn't really have anything to think too much. I mean, we played pretty aggressive. Sometimes you just need to hit, doesn't matter where. That's what I did today, as well.

Yeah, I think those kind of rallies were fine, too.

Q. I always thought you could win almost every time and everywhere. When that doesn't happen, how much disappointed you are? In terms of talent, I think nobody could beat you. This is my personal opinion. Do you feel frustrated when something wrong really happens and you lose with a player you think you're better than?
PETRA KVITOVA: I think everyone is disappointed when they lose. But, of course, I am, as well. I think I do still have lot of things which I can improve. Like, losing is disappointing for every person.

I know if I'm playing well, I can beat anyone. But I also know that sometimes it's pretty tricky with me. That's how it is. I'm kind of this player.

But I'm trying to be more consistent.

Q. There was a period three, four years ago when you were winning all indoor tournaments. You seemed to be ready to dominate the tennis. Then something happened. I don't know if you lost motivation, other reasons. What did you ask yourself in that situation?
PETRA KVITOVA: Well, I don't think I lost any of the motivation, for sure not. I think it's just the tennis and just the sport. Sometimes it's on your side, sometimes it's not. That how was it.

I know that I had few points to be number one, but I just need to make it for two matches. On the other hand, I think I play really great tennis and I'm still trying to get back to it.

Q. Next match is against a player you know pretty well. What do you remember of the match? Obviously you had the win streak, at the time you were maybe a little bit fatigued, but what did you get out of that match? What do you think you need to do next?
PETRA KVITOVA: I do remember it was pretty hot weather there. I do remember that she's playing pretty aggressive. She's serving well and hitting each shot pretty hard. That's what I do remember.

I do remember that I wasn't feeling great, so that's probably the first point I would like to change for the next one.

Q. Last year you had multiple times the win streaks throughout the season. Now you're kind of on one. How different does it feel for you when you're in the middle of a stretch where you're winning matches in bulk? I don't know what that feels like.
PETRA KVITOVA: Well, how does it feel like? I'm still in the tournament, so it's kind of tough to think about the streak. But I will tell when the streak will finish.

For sure now it feels great to win the tournament, it's something really great in the beginning of the season. The feeling in Sydney was just amazing. That was great one for me. I'm enjoying that streak, for sure. I did have two big ones last year, so hopefully I'm not finishing on number eight right now, and we'll see.