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Olivia Rogowska 17-01-18 interview


Q. Obviously disappointing, but how did you assess your performance?
 OLIVIA ROGOWSKA: Yeah. Yeah, definitely not a good day in the office. I struggled today to find any rhythm, to settle down. Serve didn't really -- I think my serve percentage was pretty low today.

 But she had, credit to her, she was just firing balls right at me. As soon as I served, like, a ball was at my feet. She did that really well today.

 I tried my hardest to settle down as fast as I could. There was a brief moment where I did settle down and kind of let my game...

 But, yeah, just nerves today, no footwork. I knew what I had to do. I just couldn't really execute it today. Little disappointed.

Q. Is that what you expect when you're playing a 15-year-old, that she's going to come out with no fear?
 OLIVIA ROGOWSKA: Yeah, for sure. Like, I remember being at that age. No pressure. She's, you know, second round, creating history and all that.

 Yeah, she came out firing. So, yeah, credit to her. Yeah, she's going to be a really good player.

Q. Is that something you have battled before? You mentioned the word "nerves" there. Was it something you woke up this morning and something was a little bit off, or...
 OLIVIA ROGOWSKA: Yeah, I mean, practice this morning was unreal. I didn't miss a ball. Yesterday's practice was really good, as well.

 So, yeah, you know, obviously the match, I was waiting to settle down, but just never came. Yeah, disappointed.

Q. Is it a matter of putting yourself in this position more often so you're used to it?
 OLIVIA ROGOWSKA: Yeah, for sure. Like, I'm the more experienced player today. I thought, you know, experience would help me today, but I guess just the occasion. I knew it was a good draw, not playing like a top seed in the second round. Obviously a great opportunity.

 After the match, I realized she was struggling a little bit, and during the match I didn't even see that. I was sort of, like, overwhelmed myself.

 Hopefully next time just clear my mind and, yeah, just focus on what I have to do.

Q. How does she compare to the other players you have played on the tour?
 OLIVIA ROGOWSKA: I didn't feel like she was 15 at all. Power of her shots were up there. She served really well at times.

 Yeah, honestly, the power of her shots were -- I didn't feel like she was 15, but obviously, yeah, she's swinging freely. Yeah, as I said, I feel she's going to be a dangerous player when she grows up. Obviously she had some silly errors, I think with experience she'll clean that up.

 Yeah, lots of credit to her. She came out swinging.

Q. I know it was quite late last night. Did you see any of Ash's match?
 OLIVIA ROGOWSKA: I watched the first set.

Q. It was a similar situation for her, I guess, Sabalenka just swinging freely.
 OLIVIA ROGOWSKA: Yeah, I mean, first set Ash probably didn't play her best but when I went to bed I saw her winning. That's awesome. Stoked for her.

Q. Did it give you any kind of sense, oh, this is the kind of thing I'm probably going to be facing tomorrow with a teenager?
 OLIVIA ROGOWSKA: Well, I actually didn't see her play at all. She's totally unknown to me. I watched a little bit of footage on her, but, I mean, it's really tough to, you know, see how a person hits a ball through footage.

 I saw that she had a pretty good first serve and just swings. I was ready for that. I just didn't expect it to be consistently at your feet and, like, deep.

Q. So you really just didn't settle at all...
 OLIVIA ROGOWSKA: I didn't settle at all. That's pretty much what happened today.

 I tried my hardest. Tried to get my feet working. Tried to just stay cool. But, yeah, unfortunately just never came.

Q. She got a code at the start of the second set, which in the arena obviously we couldn't hear. Sounded like it was for coaching?
 OLIVIA ROGOWSKA: Yeah, I heard it was for coaching. I knew her box is pretty loud. They speak -- I heard them speaking, so, I mean, obviously I didn't know what they were saying, but, yeah, I'm glad the umpire was all over it. Didn't help me in the long run, but, yeah, he did a good job today.

Q. It wasn't a distraction at all?
 OLIVIA ROGOWSKA: Oh, well, I mean, they were pretty loud, but, yeah, I mean, no, not really.

Q. What's next for you?
 OLIVIA ROGOWSKA: I don't know. Sit down and, yeah, see -- I want to try and expose myself to that level as much as I can. I'm going to try and hit the WTA Tour as much as I can, qualifying, and sit down and look at the schedule, try and expose myself to that level. Like, in practice lately, it's been going really well in practice.

 I just need to get that in matches as much as I can, shrug off this disappointment and come back firing, hopefully.

Q. Is it up there with your most disappointing loss, given what you said...
 OLIVIA ROGOWSKA: Yeah, probably, yep.

Q. Do you think you put a bit too much pressure on yourself because you realized it was a good draw, good opportunity, maybe looked a bit too far ahead?
 OLIVIA ROGOWSKA: Yeah, I mean, obviously on paper I should win that. But she's playing really well. She had a really great win first round. On paper, yeah, I definitely probably should win that, yeah.

Q. On the more wider issue, you obviously watched the first set of Ash's match last night? The talk last night about noise from players, and of course the crowd, as well. Is it kind of an issue that you think needs to be dealt with? Some people, they're calling it legalized cheating, one phrase that's been used. Have you ever come up against anyone that does it?
 OLIVIA ROGOWSKA: Yeah, I mean, I have in the past. I think it's who's up there is pretty, like, yeah, highest I have seen, but I don't know what the rules are. I have never really heard an umpire say, Hey, you have to tone it down.

 As a player, like, you try and block that out the best you can, and Ash did a great job last night blocking that out. Credit to her. That was really awesome.

 But, yeah, I mean, obviously I have never had the feeling where I have to grunt as loud as that, so, I mean, I don't know. Yeah, it's a tough rule to assess. So, yeah.

Q. What effect can it have? Is it just annoying, or...
 OLIVIA ROGOWSKA: Well, I think yesterday was just really long. But it didn't seem to bother Ash at all.

 I have had it, yeah, when you're hitting the ball, you're hearing something and you can't hit the ball on your strings as properly, very properly, but -- yeah, she blocked it out.

Q. So it's less not hearing the ball when it comes off their strings than it is being...
 OLIVIA ROGOWSKA: A bit of both. But I have never had it where I have lost a match because of it, so...