Madison Keys 4R interview

  • lost to Elina Svitolina 2-6 6-1 1-6

Q. Well played. Why don't you tell us a little bit what happened in that third set. How was the feelings after winning the second set? What happened on the third set? Lindsay is around. Did you get to talk to her before? Any contact with Lindsay before the game?
MADISON KEYS: I think that in the third set we obviously had a really long game at 1-all, and that was where all the momentum swung. For me to get broken easily right after, I think I lost all the momentum that I had in the second set.

Then I just, you know, I couldn't put the games together. It very quickly went to her. It was really hard to get back into that once you're down a break in the third. It feels like it went really fast.

Lindsay is here. We talk all the time, but she's not coaching me. So we just talk as friends (smiling).

Q. It was totally opposite in the second set. You get on top of the game really quickly. Tell us again what give you that momentum and how you managed to keep it so strongly in the second set. This was an interesting contrast game. It was interesting seeing the momentum swing. Give us what happened in the second set, especially in the beginning when we see you, like, at your best.
MADISON KEYS: I think I started slow, and I did a lot in the end of the first set to get my feet going and moving and started to play the right way. And I think I did immediately.

Again, it's really difficult when games feel like they're slipping away from you quickly. I think Elina and I both kind of felt the same at different times in the match today.

Q. We see you compared to the US Open a little bit more focused, but at the same time, it seems to me that you are taking the game very serious. Are you still having the same fun with your new coach arrangement? How you feeling about those changes? Is it working for you? Are you still enjoying as much as we saw you in the US Open when you come to the court?
MADISON KEYS: Yeah. I don't think anyone saw me today and thought I wasn't enjoying it. It was a tough day, but it happens. It's sports. I'm going to learn from it and do better next time and go back to training and hopefully have a decent block so that I can get my fitness back up and feel really good.

But I'm really happy with my coaching situation. Yeah.

Q. Is there any one of those five break points that you look back on and think, I wish...
MADISON KEYS: I think I look back on all five of them and say, I wish I got that.