Hyeon Chung 20-01-18 interview

  • Def. Zverev 5-7 7-6 2-6 6-3 6-0

Q. How difficult was it? Five sets, did you expect to win the last set 6-Love?
HYEON CHUNG: Today was really tough match against Zverev. I have played him last year in clay court. We know how to play each other, but however, he's already in tough level. The weather is tough, as well.

I'm just trying to stay calm all the time on the court and just stay relaxed. That's the key for today.

Q. Mr. Zverev was sitting here a few minutes ago. He said the discussions in the fourth weren't a reason at all he lost his focus or he lost the match. Do you think maybe it was a reason, the whole discussion from him in the fourth, that he maybe lost a bit his focus? And did you see that the lights were a bit turned down? Did you think everything was fine with the light?
HYEON CHUNG: What's the first question?

Q. The fourth set, when Sascha was speaking to the umpire. He said here the discussions with the referee about the lights in the fourth set were not a reason that he lost against you. Did you think he lost a bit his focus about this discussion?
HYEON CHUNG: I don't know. But I think that's also part of the game. So I'm just trying to focus every time.

But I know little dark. However, I have to stay focus on the match, so I don't care.

Q. Did you think it was too dark or was it okay?
HYEON CHUNG: I think getting dark, so he want to say, so he tell the umpire lights. So that's a good thing, I think.

Q. He also said your match was at level of the top 10. Do you agree? Do you think the quality was great? Did you ever play better?
HYEON CHUNG: I think so, today match really tough, really good play each other. I think it's good level of tennis in slam.

I'm so happy to play Zverev on the court, same court.

Q. Are you becoming a star in Korea now after winning Milan and today? Do they stop you in the street, ask for an autograph?
HYEON CHUNG: Not sure, but I think better than last few years. In the streets, no. In tennis, not that popular in Korea. But in the court, maybe someone want me to take a picture sometimes, yeah. That's the only.

Q. A lot of girls calling you?
HYEON CHUNG: No (smiling).

Q. Do you have a girlfriend?

Q. Start.
HYEON CHUNG: No (smiling).

Q. Last year Sascha won six titles, and he played in London. You played in Milan. What do you think the difference between the two groups, Milan and London, a big difference mentally and physically?
HYEON CHUNG: Because in London have to play good in whole year, in the slams, 1000 series, everything.

I don't know, we have to play best in every tournament.

Q. After the win in Milan, you are very confident against even the good players.
HYEON CHUNG: In Milan, had good player under 21. So after win the Milan, I will good start the season because I'm finish the season really happy, so yeah.

Q. You won on Rod Laver. Almost at the same time Naomi Osaka won on Margaret Court. We are saying it's kind of an Asian day. Both of you went through to the fourth round in a Grand Slam for the first time. What is your reaction to hear that?
HYEON CHUNG: I'm just so happy to make the fourth round in slams with so many good players. Naomi also. We are good friends.

I don't want to stop here. Keep going, I want.

Q. If I have to explain what is the difference between your game and the game of Kei Nishikori, what would you say? Similar? Completely different?
HYEON CHUNG: I think little different. I think he hit -- I play him last year in Roland Garros. I feel like a he's staying in baseline, and I staying far back in baseline. So I think it's not the same style.

Q. Your next opponent is looking like it could be Novak Djokovic. It's a big task. What do you think of the matchup?
HYEON CHUNG: I play him like two years in Rod Laver. If he win tonight, I have one more chance to play with a great player in the world. If I play Novak again, I'm just happy to share the court with Novak.

Q. Is it possible two days ago or so you played without glasses, or do you always play with glasses? I think I saw you somewhere you were not wearing them.
HYEON CHUNG: I always play with the glasses.

Q. You need to?
HYEON CHUNG: Yeah, I have to.

Q. What are the grades of your sight?
HYEON CHUNG: 0.6. Without the glasses, I can see guys, but I can't play exactly the same tennis in the court.

Q. You look very physically tough. After Milan, how did you prepare for this year?
HYEON CHUNG: I training in Thailand, Bangkok, with some other great player. Nishioka was there, and Randy, Nik Basilashvili, some more players. Also like three weeks. Weather is really hot, same like Melbourne. Just training hard in Bangkok.

Q. It was a different program from the last two years?
HYEON CHUNG: No, exactly the same. Two years ago I training in Thailand also.

Q. Because they do great massage also?
HYEON CHUNG: I don't know (smiling).

Q. How many people belong to your team?
HYEON CHUNG: In Melbourne, my whole family is here. My brother is here. My parents. My two coach is here. So like five, six.

Q. What do you eat for dinner? Korean food or...
HYEON CHUNG: I eat Chinese food match day before. I don't like eat Korean food match day before because little bit heavy. I'm just say, like, light. I always eat Chinese food match day before.