Ashleigh Barty 2R interview

  • def. Yafan Wang 6-2 6-3

Q. How does it feel? More unfinished business to come?
ASHLEIGH BARTY: Yeah, it's nice to just get into the tournament, to be honest. I felt like today was pretty clean, except for a couple of games where I got passive. Very happy with the way I have started 2019, not just here in Melbourne but also in Perth and Sydney, hell of a start.

Q. Straight sets both matches so far. Are you saving energy? Feeling well?
ASHLEIGH BARTY: Oh, I feel great. Obviously a straight-sets match is obviously more straightforward than a three-setter. Any time you can take a win, you gain confidence from that. But certainly my body is feeling great. Very nice to come out with two really clean matches. And now we get to look forward to doubles and a bit more singles, as well.

Q. Your coach is staying away at the moment?
ASHLEIGH BARTY: He's crook. He's on bed rest at the moment. Extremely lucky to have a Fed Cup captain in Mol, who I've spent a lot of time with around Fed Cup, as well, but Mol is also around a lot of the slams. It's a very seamless transition. I still have the same discussion with Tyz. It's just not face-to-face; it's over the phone. Then Mol is able to relay that as well and to reassure me. But it's a very seamless transition.

Q. Next few days in Melbourne.
ASHLEIGH BARTY: I think tomorrow we will have doubles. Worry about that. Focus on that. Yeah, same routine as always for me, depending on when I play, we warm up and do the sales things. Yeah, that's about it.

Q. Dani Vallverdu tweeted that your tennis IQ is fun to watch. What do you think makes your tennis so fun to watch?
ASHLEIGH BARTY: That's very kind of him. I enjoy playing. I really have fun with the game style I do play. I try to be creative and bring variety to the court. But at times, as well, it's important to lock down and do the basics very well. I'm very fortunate to have had a coach in Jim Joyce who taught me all the shots from when I was quite young. Even now we continue to try and develop and to become the most complete player that I can be.

Q. There has obviously been a little bit going on in the background with Bernie and Lleyton. Has that been a distraction for you?
ASHLEIGH BARTY: No, not for me. That's obviously on the men's side. All I have been focusing on is my matches upcoming and working with Mol and keeping my team very tight-knit. For us it's all business as usual, the same routines that we go through before any match. But, yeah, no, not for me.

Q. A comment on either Sakkari or Sharma?
ASHLEIGH BARTY: Yeah, I think they are playing at the moment. I'm not actually sure what the score is at the moment. Look, Astra, I haven't played since I was probably about 12 years old. Obviously it's been an unbelievable 10 days for her. She transitions so easily back from college into the Australian pro tour especially and kick-starting her summer. Maria, I'm great friends with and have a really great relationship. We have played a couple times now. She's one of the best movers and competitors out there. Whichever way that goes, my next singles match will be very tough.