Event info

Prohibited items

For the comfort and safety of patrons and players, the following items are NOT permitted in the Australian Open without the express authorisation of TA:

  • alcohol (it is an offence under Victorian law to possess alcohol at the AO that has not been purchased at the AO);
  • large bags, including suitcases. Any item or bag that is too large to fit under a seat must not be brought into the AO and a limit of one bag per person applies;
  • tennis racquets, beach balls or other inflatable devices, frisbees, helium balloons;
  • camera tripods, monopods. telephoto camera lenses with a focal length capacity greater than 200mm; video cameras or handy-cams; audio recorders; any other devices used for recording or transmitting scoring data or other statistical information for commercial purposes (including sports betting);
  • eskies, hampers and large containers in excess of 1.5 litres;
  • glass (including bottles), cans, ceramic and breakable containers; 
  • flags, banners, signs larger than 1m by 1m in size or with handles longer than 50cm;
  • animals other than assistance animals;
  • chairs and stools;
  • musical instruments, whistles, loud hailers, amplification equipment;
  • drones, flares, fireworks, laser pointers,
  • bicycles, scooters, skateboards, rollerblades, rollerskates;
  • unauthorised promotional, commercial, political, religious or offensive items of whatever nature including clothing, banners, signs, symbols, leaflets or flyers; and
  • any other dangerous item, weapon or any “prohibited item” under the Major Sporting Events Act 2009 (Vic)

The following items are permitted; however such items are subject to security check on arrival at the Australian Open and must be presented for security approval. Tennis Australia & Melbourne and Olympic Parks maintain the right to prohibit any of the below items as deemed necessary for the safety and comfort of others: 

  • Small bags, including handbags
  • Non-alcoholic beverages or drink bottles in plastic
  • Food, in permissible packaging, including baby food
  • Plastic or paper cutlery only
  • Deodorant and perfume
  • Medicine
  • Selfie sticks and umbrellas

Holding seats

Seats cannot be held for more than three changes of ends on all outdoor courts. This excludes Rod Laver Arena and Margaret Court Arena, which have reserved seats. When Melbourne Arena reaches capacity, the pass-out system will be implemented. If leaving during a break in play, you will receive a pass-out and will be able to come back to your seat within a 30 minute period.


Smoking is not permitted within Rod Laver Arena, Margaret Court Arena, Melbourne Arena, any of the outside courts or at the AO Ballpark. Designated smoking areas are allocated within the grounds.