Hospitality Terms and Conditions

All ticketing and entry to the 2020 Australian Open (AO) is subject to the Ticket Conditions of Sale and Entry (which are posted at all AO entry points and and available from Tennis Australia (TA) upon request).  
These additional conditions apply to the Hospitality Products that AO Clients may access from time to time (e.g products with dining or private space elements, or behind-the-scenes access), including:

Restaurants Rockpool
The Glasshouse Restaurant
Chef Series
Superboxes Melbourne Arena Suites
RLA Superboxes
Private Spaces The Lounge
The Green Room
The Player Pod
The Glasshouse Suite and Boardroom
The Dressing Room
Alfresco Dining
Rockpool Private Dining
Premium Offerings Founders Club
Show Court Finals
On Court Seating
AO Experiences Tennis Clinics
RLA Fan Walk
Behind the Scenes Tours
The Vault
Finals Ceremony
Meet a Legend
Arts & Theatre Harry Potter
Rain Room
Melbourne Experiences Laneways and Arcades
City Nightlife
Queen Victoria Market AO Foodie Tour
Melbourne City Scenic Flight
Hot Air Ballooning
Melbourne Water Taxis
Victorian Experiences Wildlife and Wine in the Yarra Valley
Great Ocean Road
Penguins at Phillip Island
Paddocks to Plate in Gippsland
Mornington Peninsula
Sovereign Hill
Tour Operator Lounges Sportsnet Super Suite
Steve Furgal International Lounge
Helloworld Lounge


  1. Guests must hold a valid AO ticket to gain admission to an AO Hospitality facility.

  2. The Client is responsible for satisfying the special dietary requirements or allergies of its guests. Dietary requirements must be advised to TA and its nominated catering agent (Catering Agent), in writing by the date specified by TA. While TA and the Catering Agent will use their best endeavours to accommodate requests, completely allergy-free meals cannot be guaranteed, due to the potential of trace allergens in the working environment and supplied ingredients. Special dietary options are limited to: allergy requirements, vegetarian, vegan, and religious requirements (i.e. no pork). Please note that kosher meals are priced separately.

  3. TA and the Catering Agent practice responsible service of alcohol (RSA). Where it becomes apparent to TA or the Catering Agent’s staff that the behaviour of a guest raises RSA issues, the following protocol will be followed: 
    (a) staff will slow down or stop the service of alcohol to the guest after informing the host;
    (b) staff will suggest to the guest that he/she moves on to soft drinks or water;
    (c) staff will record the suggestion and notify a supervisor;
    (d) the supervisor will continue to monitor and record the guest’s behaviour and keep updating the host;
    (e) staff will stop service of alcohol to the guest – unless already stopped under paragraph 3((a)) – and the host will be encouraged to speak with the intoxicated guest about controlling his/her behaviour; and
    (f) if the supervisor makes an assessment that the guest is to be removed, security will intervene and remove the guest in accordance with the protocols for the management and removal of intoxicated persons.

  4. Alcohol service at the AO will cease at the earlier of:

    (a)  one hour after the end of play (or trophy presentation); and
    (b)  midnight.
  5. No outside food, drink or catering equipment may be brought into any AO Hospitality facility.
  6. TA and the Catering Agent may adjust the location of AO Hospitality facilities (including table locations and sizes) inside the AO from time to time. Guests may be required to share tables where the Client has not purchased a full table.
  7. TA and the Catering Agent may adjust meal service times to take into account on-court scheduling or scheduling of non-tennis related entertainment.
  8. The Client occupies and uses AO Hospitality facilities at the risk of the Client and to the extent permitted by law, the Client releases the Catering Agent and TA from all actions, claims, demands, losses, damages, costs and expenses resulting from any accident, damage, loss, death or injury occurring in an AO Hospitality facility.
  9. The Client is responsible for the costs of all breakages or damage to TA and the Catering Agent property caused by the Client or its guests.
  10. TA, acting reasonably, may communicate additional requirements that are specific to the Client’s booking and the purchased Hospitality product. The Client and its guests must comply with any such directions given by TA from time to time.

  11. Payment must be made: 
    (a) Within 30 days for all bookings made prior to 1 December 2019; and
    (b) At the time of booking for all bookings made after 1 December 2019.
  12. The booking (including final guest numbers) is not confirmed until payment has been received by TA in accordance with the invoice issued by TA to Client. TA may cancel the Client’s booking at any time prior to receipt of payment.
  13. All payments are non-refundable.

  14. Any increase in the number of guests, additional catering or variation in the Hospitality Product is not confirmed until invoiced and paid for in full by the Client. During the AO, such items or changes must be paid for on the day of ordering (unless otherwise approved by TA on a case-by-case basis).


  15. Certain Hospitality Products (e.g. RLA Superboxes, Melbourne Arena suites, on-court seating etc) will close at the end of play (or trophy presentation) for the relevant session.

  16. Should the Day session for a relevant Hospitality Product overrun, night session clients will be delayed following the end of the day session to allow the Hospitality space to be cleaned and restocked ready for the night session.

  17. For day sessions at Melbourne Arena Suites, beverage packages will cease at 6pm (unless otherwise advertised). Where play continues after 6pm, the Client may elect to continue beverage service on an ‘on consumption’ basis, provided that the Client may also be required to pay for additional labour charges and food orders to comply with RSA requirements, as quoted to Client. Additional beverage service remains subject to clause 3.

  18. For particular Experiences, the terms and conditions of service provides may apply. For example: 
    (a) in relation to Melbourne Water Taxis, the intended collection location is South Wharf. However, due to weather conditions and tide directions, TA may in its discretion change the collection location. TA will advise the client of any necessary changes.
    (b) in relation to all Melbourne and Regional tours, bookings are subject to minimum numbers. If minimum numbers are not met for a particular tour, TA will provide at least twenty-four (24) hours' notice and the opportunity to book for another date.
    (c) in relation to Hot Air Ballooning, flights may be cancelled due to inclement weather. If the booking cannot be rescheduled to a suitable time, clients will be offered a refund.

  19. TA will provide reasonable notice of any other conditions that may apply in relation to Experiences. If such conditions materially impact on the booking of a client, TA will work act in good faith in accordance with its obligations under the Australian Consumer Law.   


  20. TA may impose additional conditions for particular products from time to time for safety reasons. For example, TA may collect the name and date of birth of all guests attending. TA will use this information for event safety only and not for any direct marketing purposes. The tennis privacy policy located at contains further information about TA’s use of personal information.

  21. All Private Spaces come fully fitted and designed by TA. In respect of the fit-out, please note the following:
    (a) in all Private Spaces, the available customisation will be limited to soft furnishings such as banners, napkins etc and must be brought with you on the day of your hospitality and removed at the conclusion of your specific session;
    (b) the proposed fit-out for each Private Space must be approved in advance by TA (acting in its complete discretion); 
    (c) items of fit-out (including approved signage) must not be visible from outside the Private Space; and
    (d) all materials brought into the AO by the Client will be at the Client's cost and risk (and subject to the Ticket Conditions of Sale and Entry). The Client will be liable for, and indemnifies TA against, any and all claims, losses, damages, costs or expenses arising from or connected with the transport, installation, erection,  display, use, dismantling or removal of any materials brought into the AO by the Client.
  22. No food or drinks or additional catering equipment such as espresso machines, juicers etc may be brought into any Private Space without TA’s consent.

  23. The Client is responsible for the conduct of all its guests at the AO, including ensuring that its guests:  
    (a) comply with Ticket Conditions of Sale and Entry for the AO;
    (b) where guests have been given physical AO passes, ensure that they are worn and kept visible (facing out); 
    (c) observe the dress code for hospitality facilities at the AO (e.g collared shirt and tailored pants/shorts for men, no rubber thongs, singlets); and
    (d) observe tennis etiquette: only leave seats at change of ends, quiet during points, silent mobile phones, etc.
  24. For holders of AO Hospitality tickets for evening sessions of the AO, entry to Melbourne Park is not available until 4pm.


    The Client is reminded that AO Hospitality ticketing provides each of its guests with a conditional licence from TA for admission to a specific session and location within the AO (designated on the face of that ticket). This licence is subject always to the Ticket Conditions of Sale and Entry (posted at all venue entry points and The following conditions are highlighted.

    No on-selling

  25. The licence granted to the Client for admission to the AO may be terminated by TA (without refund) in circumstances where: (i) the Client has or TA reasonably suspects the Client has, or (ii) any subsequent bearer of the ticket has or TA reasonably suspects that any subsequent bearer of the ticket has done, any of the following, without the prior written consent of TA: 
    (a) resold the AO Hospitality product at a premium;
    (b) resold the AO Hospitality product through an unauthorised broker or agent;
    (c) advertised or offered the AO Hospitality product for resale on the internet or in any other medium; 
    (d) packaged, advertised or used the AO Hospitality product for advertising, promotion or other commercial purposes (including competitions or trade promotions);
    (e) In addition to the above, for any breach of this clause 23, TA may terminate any other licences granted to the Client via the purchase by the Client of any other tickets to the AO (including both hospitality and non-hospitality tickets). 
    For the avoidance of doubt, the Client may allocate its purchased hospitality ticketing among its guests (but must not sell that ticketing to its guests without prior written consent from TA).

    Cancellation and confiscation

  26. If the Client or its guests breach these conditions, or TA reasonably suspects a breach has occurred (or where TA has been so directed by a law enforcement agency), TA may terminate the licence to enter the AO and deny the Client and/or its guests of the ticket access to the AO or any area within the AO, cancel or confiscate the ticket, or take other action TA considers appropriate including but not limited to cancelling or confiscating any other tickets to the AO held in the Client or the guests’ names, without refund.

    Lost tickets

  27. The Client and its guests must keep AO Hospitality tickets in safe and in good condition. TA is not obliged to replace any ticket under any circumstances, including loss or theft – however TA may, in its sole discretion, replace a ticket which has been lost or stolen (and may charge a $25 fee per replaced ticket).

    These conditions may be varied from time to time by TA for operational, security or safety reasons. TA will maintain an up-to-date copy accessible at For any queries in relation to these conditions please contact TA's AO Hospitality department by email at [email protected]