Book your kids into AO Kids Club for an unforgettable experience- for them & you

Kids Tennis Day

Opening hours

Half Day & Full Day Programs Available
Extended Hours Until 9pm (Thurs – Sun)


Prices start from $80
(Bookings essential)


Pick up & Drop Off

Deakin Edge Federation Square


Let us give your kids an amazing Grand Slam experience at our AO Kids Club for 5-12 year olds.

Onsite childcare is available every day at the AO, making the event even better! Your kids will have nonstop fun at our tennis and entertainment program.

Paid Parking Available at Wilson Parking                         
(enter via Russell St Extension or Tennis Centre Access Rd from Batman Avenue)


Program created by professional teachers

Priority Access to AO Ballpark

Professional Tennis Lesson

Endless Entertainment and Themed Activities

AO Kids Club Dates & Prices

20-24 Jan and 28-30 Jan

Weekends & public holiday
25-27 Jan

31 Jan and 1-2 Feb

Day  9am - 6pm $140      Day 10am - 5pm $140   Fri 1pm - 5pm $80
  10am - 4pm $120   Night 5pm - 9pm $80     5pm - 9pm $80
Night 5pm - 9pm $80           Sat 11am - 5pm $120
  (Thu & Fri)               5pm - 9pm $120
                Sun 2pm - 9pm $140

For more information contact [email protected] or 1300 976 304.

*the childcare subsidy is not available for the AO Kids Club as the service must be offered for a minimum of 37 days per year under state and national legislation.

Available Thursday - Sunday

Date Night

Make the most out of a night at AO20! Book the kids into AO Kids Club and explore the hospitality, tennis and entertainment on offer. Thursday - Sunday until 9pm. Dinner Provided.

Priority Access to AO Ballpark presented by Emirates

Experience the world of AO20 Hospitality


Looking for something else for your kids?

Everyday is different at AO Kids Club

Mon 20th Jan Superhero Day Everybody needs a superhero, especially
at the Australian Open! We are asking
your amazing minds to help create a real
life superhero. What will their abilities,
traits and super powers be? It’s all up to
you, so we’ll wait and see.
Tue 21st Jan Emoji Emotions Human beings express 27 different
emotions a day, isn’t that crazy? With
that in mind, we thought it would be
fun to create and design our own emoji
pillows. Will you be able to come up
with a new emotion?
Wed 22nd Jan Dollars & Sense Today we’re getting money smart, so
we need your masterminds to help
create a giant monopoly board! Let’s
make a piggy bank to help you save
money for the future. Save money and
watch your money grow.
Thu 23rd Jan Re-use, Re-invent, Re-cycle We are going green! All of today’s
activities will revolve around the three
R’s, reduce, reuse and recycle. Our
environment depends on how we
interact with waste, so let’s learn to
do the right thing. Let’s learn about
positive change and sustainability
within Australia and the world.
Fri 24th Jan Let's LEGO! Want to be a Lego master? By the end
of the day you’ll know all there is to
know! Let’s start off by inventing a Lego
character. Once completed you will
enter the construction zone, so you can
explore your inner engineer and learn
the science behind it all.
Sat 25th Jan Cars Day We hope your fuel tanks are full and
your engines are warmed up, because
we need you to help design the first
KIA car of the future. We’re going to
start off by going over the road rules,
safety first! Then we will build real
solar powered cars. We will have a pit
stop for lunch before they wave the
checkered flags.
Sun 26th Jan Australia Day Today we’re choosing to celebrate all
things down under. We are choosing to
celebrate all things which make up our
rich and cultural diverse country. Sport
is in our blood and summer means
cricket and tennis time. We’ll throw
some snags on the bbq for lunch and
hit this day for six.
Mon 27th Jan Survivor Will you be the survivor? Get ready to
test your mind and body over a series
of challenges. Outwit, outplay, outlast
or you might be voted off next!
Tue 28th Jan Boogie back to the 70’s Let’s step back in time, peace, love and
disco baby. Have you guys ever heard
of a Walkman? Rubik’s cube? Hacky
sack? Well, now you have. These were
all invented in the 70’s. Come dance
to in our silent disco and make some
crazy tie-die creations. It’s sure to be a
groovy time baby.t!
Wed 29th Jan Aviation Pack your bags and fasten your
seatbelt as we go up, up, up and away
with this Emirates flight. This is going
to be a day of fun and adventure. We
hope you’re ready!
Thu 30th Jan Masterchef Prepare to take your taste buds for
a ride, this is going to be the ultimate
blind taste testing challenge. No
graduating this masterclass until you’ve
whipped up a dessert good enough to
show George. Don’t worry, you get to
take your dessert home…that’s if you
haven’t demolished it already.
Fri 31st Jan Back to School Who’s excited for school? New
teachers, new friends and a fresh start.
We’ll make sure you’re more then
prepared by designing and creating
your own ultimate AO pencil case and
bag tags.
Sat 1st Feb Mad Scientist Throw on your lab coat and grab your
goggles, we’re heading in the KidsCo
Laboratory! What do you get when you
combine erupting explosions + crazy
chemistry + radical rockets? Beakers
of fun! Come and see why the STEM
industry is so cool.
Sun 2nd Feb Robotics & Coding Want to control your own robot?
Program it to move, turn and do your
chores? Today’s the day! We’re going
to build and code droids, but get ready,
we’re going to battle them against your